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Pros & Cons of Polystyrene Containers

Polystyrene is versatile

It's a very good insulator

Maintain temperatures

Dry ice international has a wide range of various sizes of polystyrene

containers for sale available from our factories and retailer outlets.

Polystyrene can be recycled and reused without any damage to the physical properties. This means that the impact on the environment will be minimal. In foam packaging, only 5% is polystyrene and the rest is air.

What makes polystyrene containers so popular with restaurants, takeaway and food distribution industries is the fact that polystyrene is a versatile food packaging material.

Dry Ice International offers a variety of polystyrene containers for sale. Polystyrene is a very strong material, and it is extremely lightweight. This sets it apart from other types of food containers and packaging. Aside from its lightweight durability, it also provides for amazing insulation. This is a great benefit to protect food from outside elements and to keep it fresh and temperature controlled.

Polystyrene containers are also used for commercial packaging to transport dairy products, meat, fish and poultry. All of these products can be safely packaged with polystyrene and by doing so spoilage of foods is prevented. Especially when using dry ice to keep food frozen or cold during transportation. Polystyrene has long been recognized as a versatile and cost-effective solution for rigid packaging of food especially when going fishing, camping, hunting or transporting food for events.

With a greater emphasis on going green and adopting more environmentally friendly business practices, companies can rest assured that they are making use of an eco-friendly packaging option. Polystyrene is far more eco-friendly in its manufacturing than that of other packaging. Polystyrene is easily recyclable and easy to produce.


  • Polystyrene is versatile.
  • Polystyrene containers maintain temperatures for both hot and cold food and beverage items.
  • Polystyrene uses less resources than paper counterparts.
  • Polystyrene is a very good insulator.
  • Polystyrene is safe for use for transporting food.
  • Polystyrene boxes are manufactured in different shapes and sizes thus making it easier to pack different items according to your requirement.
  • Polystyrene can absorb shock and limit the damage of goods while in transport.

Polystyrene cooler boxes are also used for packaging of medical supplies and works well with dry ice to maintain required temperatures.

These are only a few of the many reasons why polystyrene containers continue to be so popular among consumers in South Africa


There is the technical, scientific terminology used to describe what polystyrene is, and then there is the most basic term, which describes polystyrene as a versatile plastic that comes in many shapes and forms, and which is most commonly used as a type of sturdy packaging.

The most conventional way that we understand polystyrene is that it is used for takeaway meals, and for containers, like the ones that you can buy from Dry Ice.

But did you know that when polystyrene takes on a different form it can be used inside automobile parts, it can be used to make gardening pots, and it is even present in some appliances and electronics. This alone should tell you that polystyrene is tough!

As a material, polystyrene is made by polymerising styrene, which is a building chemical that is naturally occurring in various foods but when used for commercial purposes it is made from petroleum. Polystyrene is solid at room temperatures and when heated enough, it turns into a liquid.


With such a great variety of packaging options out there, the big question is why is polystyrene still so commonly used?

The answer is partly because of the price, and partly because it is a uniquely useful packaging material. Apart from being so inexpensive and versatile, polystyrene is also readily available, can be made in various colours, can be glued, sanded, and cut easily, and paint sticks to it quite well.

As a container, polystyrene is sturdy and tough enough to not leak when treated with care. The material is also more than able to keep things temperature regulated. If you place dry ice within the container, it will easily keep everything nice and cool for long periods of time. For this reason, a polystyrene container is the go to option for most people looking for an effective container to keep things cold when travelling or when transporting perishables or medicines.

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When it comes to choosing the right kind of container or if you are just curious about which option is better for packaging, knowing the difference between plastic and polystyrene is helpful.

In its most basic form, plastic is a lot stronger than polystyrene. For this reason, plastic is often not used to make thick disposable packaging, and since it is not all that good at regulating heat, it is not ideal as a container for dry ice and perishables. Plastic is mostly used for making storage containers, toys, and outdoor furniture. As for polystyrene, it is softer than plastic, but a lot more efficient at containing temperatures, and it is also far lighter and less expensive than plastic.

Polystyrene can also be used in more ways than plastic can, especially when you consider how polystyrene can be used as insulation, foam board, and all sorts of other things, across various industries.

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As you are making your decision about whether or not polystyrene is the right option for you, when you are looking for a good quality container, these are some of the pros and cons that you should let guide your decision.

The Pros of using Polystyrene

  • It is moisture resistant
    Nothing gets through polystyrene. When you are using it as a container, polystyrene is a great option because it keeps things free from moisture and damp, while also ensuring that if you are looking for a way to keep things cold you will have the most effective method.
  • It is easy to find
    Polystyrene in all its forms, including containers, is really easy to find and relatively inexpensive to buy. You can probably find all types of polystyrene in local shops, and you can also easily source what you need online.
  • It is easy to work withWhether you are buying polystyrene which is already moulded into whatever form you need it, or if you are looking for unmoulded polystyrene, you will find that whichever form you need, and it will be really easy to work with.
  • It is the perfect insulator
    Not just as a container to transport things you need to keep cold, but also as an insulator in buildings, polystyrene is an excellent option.
  • It can be made in different colours
    When you are buying polystyrene and you want it to be aligned with your brand, then it is helpful to have the option of buying your container in your preferred colour.

The Cons of using Polystyrene

The pros certainly outweigh the cons but they are helpful to know.

  • It is not biodegradable
    You need to take care when you are recycling your polystyrene since it is not biodegradable. If you hope to be fully eco-friendly, then this might not be the best option for you.
  • It can break easily
    Depending on the thickness of the polystyrene you are using, it can be easily breakable and rather fragile.

If you wish to buy polystyrene containers, Dry Ice has a large selection of options for you to choose from. Shop on our website or contact us today for more information.

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Nationwide Shipping

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